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Travis Jankowski steals home on a throw back to the pitcher, continues being a thief

There must be something in the water down in San Diego, as the 2016 Padres just continue to be thieves of home plate. 
In the eighth inning of Wednesday's 4-0 win over the Pirates at PNC Park, Travis Jankowski took advantage of ... well, nobody really, as Jankowski just forced the issue -- turning a normal throw back to the pitcher into a straight steal of home. 
The victims of this latest theft were Pirates lefty Antonio Bastardo and catcher Eric Fryer, and to Jankowski's credit this was pretty much a perfect effort: 

Somewhat amazingly, this was the fourth instance of a Padre stealing home this season. Half of them belong to Jankowski, who is establishing something of a reputation at this point.
The other two came from now ex-Padre Melvin Upton Jr. (who executed a perfect straight steal of his own) and an ultra-aware Wil Myers, who did this: 

At this point, nobody should be surprised if we see Andy Green's club do this a few more times before the season comes to a close.