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Trevor Bauer lost his drone and, yes, Indians fans, he may be building a new one this October

You may remember last year when October turned into Dronetober. The postseason became pinkyseason. When the blood and nightmares of Halloween came two weeks early during Game 3 of the ALCS.

Trevor Bauer cut his finger while fixing his beloved drone during the 2016 Championship Series and missed a start. And well, we're sorry to inform you, Indians fans, but Bauer is having some more drone trouble almost a year later. 

The right-hander lost his drone while flying it in Westlake, Ohio's Clague Park this week. Bauer gave's William Kosileski the full story below:

"I was flying at the park, and about a minute in I bumped the ground and the GoPro came loose, but I didn't realize it because the drone stayed in the air," Bauer said. "I kept flying, and at the end of flight about a minute later, at a completely different part of the park, the drone crashed. It just landed basically. I went over to pick it up and noticed that the GoPro wasn't there, so I left it there so I knew what the epicenter was, because I figured that's where it probably came out."

Eventually, Bauer found his GoPro, but when he went back to get his drone ...

"So I got [the GoPro], took it back, packed up my stuff, went to pick up the drone and it was not there. Probably my fault for leaving it sitting unattended for about an hour."

We can just imagine his reaction.

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Kosileski asked if somebody could've planned to take it once Bauer left it on its own.

"No, I don't think so. Probably someone happened to be strolling through the park and came upon it, and then looked around, didn't see anyone immediately there and just picked it up. I don't think anyone had any malicious intent. I was mostly joking when I was saying they were a thief. I guess it is still my personal property even though it was unattended."

Is this his only drone? What will Bauer do if he can't find this one? Well, it's an answer that Cleveland fans might not want to hear ...

"It's one of two. I have the backup one. I still have that. It's the same frame. Those are the only two in existence. If I don't get it back, I'll have to make a third one. And no Cleveland fan wants me to be building a drone right now."

Please, please help Trevor find his drone. We really don't need a re-enactment of what happened last postseason