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Trevor Plouffe had an inning-long dugout interview so of course he talked about 'The Bachelor'

Things get a little more time to breathe during Spring Training. Double plays, for example, can go 7-E7-1-3 and include a ball sent into the stands. Dugout interviews, like Trevor Plouffe's during the Red Sox-Twins Grapefruit League game on Wednesday, can last an entire inning and cover everything from aggresive baserunning to Monday's finale of "The Bachelor." 
And in his director's cut-length interview, we learned two things about Plouffe:
1. He's not afraid to call his getting thrown out trying for two in the first inning "stupid."
2. He is less forthcoming with his reality TV fandom.
See, Plouffe claims he only attended the Twins' "Bachelor" Finale viewing party "for the taco bar," but his adamant opinion on Ben Higgins' choice suggests otherwise:
"I didn't watch any of 'The Bachelor' besides the two episodes that I saw at Phil's house. If I had to choose, I was team JoJo, but she didn't get picked. I don't know what Ben was thinking. … [He] let us all down, then."
Hmm, does that sound like someone who doesn't "have many thoughts" on "The Bachelor?" Watch the whole interview above and judge for yourself.