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Troy Tulowitzki had to get some emergency, mid-game surgery to repair his 8-year-old glove

Troy Tulowitzki's glove is old. How old? REALLY old. Nearly eight years by some accounts. In October of last year, he even admitted that he might have just two more weeks left with it. 

But Tulo has continued to use the glove this season because he loves it. And we love it. And the glove probably loves him (and hopefully us, too).
Anyway, during the Rays' 3-2 win over the Blue Jays on Tuesday, the shortstop nearly lost his one true glove on a hard grounder by Logan Forsythe (the nerve!) in the first inning. The webbing tore open and Tulo was forced to get a substitute mitt:

Thankfully, after a couple of hours of emergency surgery, the glove was saved and all was right with the world.