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Troy Tulowitzki worked on his pitching mechanics during Blue Jays photo day

Getting your picture taken is often a stressful experience. You have to balance smiling too much versus not smiling enough. Maybe you're having a bad hair day or maybe the Florida humidity has taken its toll. And, what on earth are you supposed to do with your arms?
If you think that's an awkward experience, don't tell that to Troy Tulowitzki. During the Blue Jays' photo day on Thursday, he was apparently mistaken for a pitcher and asked to pose as if he were on a mound. Tulo, who has never pitched in a Major League baseball game, happily obliged:

Though these photos don't reflect Tulowitzki at his natural position of shortstop, this should definitely end up being among the most memorable photo days of his 12-year career. The Tulowitzki household should clear room on the refrigerator to accommodate these prints.
At least he didn't have to worry about his arms dangling awkwardly at his side.