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Tuesday's 'Jeopardy!' featured a round of baseball clues and puns

Tuesday's episode of 'Jeopardy!' Featured a Double Jeopardy round with a baseball theme. The first category on the board was devoted entirely to baseball and was aptly named "Baseball."
The $200 clue in the category comes from quite recent history:

Following a clue about Lou Gehrig's uniform number with the Yankees that none of the three contestants answered correctly, and another about the history of the Red Sox, the game returned to more recent developments:

For the $2000 clue in the category, Jeopardy! revisited a topic the show has explored before:

Unlike the previous instance of sabermetrics appearing on the show, this clue received a correct response. Like diligent high school students, this crew must have studied the previous test.
Contestant Jamie Newland responded correctly to three of the five baseball clues and won Tuesday's 'Jeopardy!' Was that a coincidence? I doubt it.
Other categories in Monday's Double Jeopardy were named based on a baseball theme, though the clues within them were not related to the sport. Those categories were "Grand" Slam, Fowl, Dug Out, Double Play and Power Hitters.