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This Twins ballboy doubled as a member of the grounds crew during a rain delay

In the top of the fourth inning of the Twins' game against the Royals on Friday night, the skies opened up. The umpiring crew pulled the teams off the field, and the Target Field grounds crew immediately sprinted into action.
But the rain was coming down hard, and it was a struggle trying to get the tarp all the way over the infield. They really could have used an extra set of hands. Enter this Minnesota ballboy:

Thanks to some A+ teamwork, the tarp eventually covered everything, and after about 90 minutes play resumed. Until the sixth inning, that is, when the rain came again -- and again our intrepid hero was willing and eager to lend a hand. After the Twins finally managed to wrap up a 6-4 win, the ballboy told the Minnesota broadcast crew that this heroic cameo was just a one-time thing. Which is a shame, because he's clearly a natural.