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Twins prospect Daniel Palka got a nice fan letter from Anthony Rizzo (no, not that one)

It's pretty common for professional baseball players to get fan mail. It's a rare chance to interact with childhood heroes, and sometimes, young fans can even get an awesome haircut out of it. What's not common, however, is to get fan mail signed by MLB stars -- unless you're Twins prospect Daniel Palka, in which case, Anthony Rizzo wants you to know that he's your biggest fan:

OK, so this probably wasn't written by Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo. It was most likely a young fan who was very impressed by Palka's 34 homers between Double-A and Triple-A last season. Still, this will not deter us from dreaming of a league-wide pen pal program in which Rougned Odor and Félix Hernández continue their ongoing prank war.