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The Twins rookies are running a full Triple Crown in horse and jockey costumes

The Twins were sensational at the plate during Sunday's 9-6 win over the Royals. The team hit four homers and, despite a subpar outing for Kyle Gibson, the right-hander managed to get the win without allowing a walk. So how does a team celebrate after such a victory? Well, they put on a Triple Crown race of course.
We aren't referring to the Triple Crown the Red Sox's own J.D. Martinez is chasing. This is the event with horses and jockeys and, in this case, the Twins rookies were both of these things:

Yes, that's Willians Astudillo leading the pack as players raced their costumes, and what a sight it was.
The team continued the race with the second leg following the Twins' 8-2 win over the Tigers on Wednesday. They called it the "Twinsness" after the Preakness Stakes:

Kohl Stewart was initially the winner, but he, along with several others were disqualified because they ran and you are supposed to gallop during the event. Those are the rules and if you break them, you have to suffer the consequences. After a video review, John Curtiss was named the winner.
The final race (Twinsmont Stakes) will be held on Sunday after the Twins take on the A's in Oakland. 
Don't try this at home. But if you do, take photos and show us please.