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Two Reds fans demonstrated the different ways to deal with an opponent's home run ball

The D-backs hit a bunch of dingers on Sunday -- five, to be exact -- in their 9-2 win over the Reds. Unfortunately, the game was at Great American Ball Park, so the dingers were not as appreciated as they would've been at Chase Field. 
Two of the homers in question, one by Paul Goldschmidt and another by Eduardo Escobar, got fan reactions that presented us with the age-old controversial question: What should fans do with opposing player home run balls?

Yes, egged on by his dad, one young fan threw Escobar's long ball back. The young fan who ended up with Goldschmidt's homer, meanwhile, seemed to say, "Yeah, no, this ball is mine now."
What do you think? How would you react to catching an opposing player's dinger?