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Tyler Glasnow pulled an Ozzie Smith and backflipped to celebrate the start of Spring Training

Everyone is excited for the start of Spring Training, but not everyone can express their excitement with quite the same enthusiasm as Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow: 

Glasnow is flipping out about the start of Spring Training -- literally.

Yes, you're seeing that right: That's the 6-foot-8 Glasnow executing a backflip with the grace of the baseball's pre-eminent flipper, Ozzie Smith -- without even a running start!




Now, we haven't seen Glasnow attempt such acrobatics on the actual baseball diamond -- at least not yet. There is some precedent for pitchers flipping on field. Remember Aroldis Chapman's somersault save celebration?


Perhaps we'll see something like this from Glasnow after striking out the side this season. Or maybe we'll see him use his circus-like reflexes and athleticism to field a comebacker like Zack Greinke once attempted:

There should be ample opportunity for the 25-year-old right-hander to show off his athletic party trick in 2019 with the Rays. As a pitcher in the American League, Glasnow doesn't have many opportunities to bat flip. He seems to be happy to settle for backflips instead. We'll take it.