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Let's watch Tyler Saladino sink an insane jump shot from the center-field seats

Tyler Saladino has accomplished a lot in his athletic career. He starred at Oral Roberts University, was selected by the White Sox in the seventh round of the MLB Draft back in 2010 and has spent the last two seasons playing stellar defense all over the infield. And yet, after achieving the nigh-impossible dream of becoming a professional ballplayer, Saladino wants more: Namely, he wants to conquer the world of trick-shot basketball.
Before taking on the Astros on Thursday night, he and a few of his White Sox teammates warmed up by trying to sink some jump shots -- from all the way above the batter's eye at U.S. Cellular Field down to a hoop placed in center field. You might think that sounds pretty difficult. Here's what Saladino thinks of that:

Wait, hold on, we need another angle: 

When the Baseball Globetrotters inevitably become a thing, we know whom to call.