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Tyler Saladino went through an elaborate pregame handshake routine all by himself

Typically, a pregame handshake routine would involve two people, if not the entire team. The fundamental logic of a handshake simply requires there be another individual present. White Sox shortstop Tyler Saladino, however, seems to disagree.
Before Sunday's 3-2 win over the Royals, Saladino executed what was frankly an astonishingly elaborate series of handshakes with … no one. 

Either half of the White Sox roster turned invisible and no one noticed, or Saladino beat all of his teammates to the dugout early and decided to start without them. Kudos to him for not letting a little thing like other people keep him from getting amped for the game.
But as impressive as his one-man routine was, just imagine what Saladino could do with actual corporeal teammates there with him.