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Tyson Ross made a beautiful kick save to rob Carlos Correa of a single

The NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on Wednesday, so even though it's baseball season, hockey is on the minds of plenty of fans as well. This shared spotlight was on display at Sunday afternoon's Padres-Astros game, when pitcher Tyson Ross made one play that seemed to straddle the lines of both sports.
With two outs and no one on base in the bottom of the fourth, Ross faced superstar shortstop Carlos Correa. The pressure was on to get him out in any way he could, and when Correa smashed a comebacker toward Ross, he had to think fast with his feet:

It was, as hockey announcers like to describe similar efforts from goalies, "a kick save and a beauty."
Ross deserves even more credit than that on this play, though. He had to follow the save with a scramble for the ball and an off-balance throw to get Correa. Kudos to Ross on pulling it off.