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Let the U.S. Special Operations Command parachute you into the middle of a Phillies game

For as long as man has roamed the Earth, we've dreamed of the ability to fly -- to soar through the air, everything beneath us, a new perspective on the things we've seen our whole lives. A whole new world, if you will. 
Alas, despite years of writing "Wings!!" on our Christmas lists, we remain ground-bound. It's just not our destiny to know what, say, a baseball diamond might look like from a few thousand feet ... until now, that is, thanks to one member of the U.S. Special Operations Command at Thursday's Rays-Phillies game. Before the action got underway, he parachuted all the way down onto the field -- and if you're wondering what that might look like, here's a sneak peek:

You can view the whole video above to get his full descent. Especially you, Yasiel Puig. This is a much cooler commute than a helicopter.