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Second-base umpire demonstrates proper execution of the elegant 'duck!' technique

The duck: A web-footed aquatic-friendly bird, yes, but also a common danger-avoidance maneuver as old as life itself. It is elegant in its simplicity, peerless in its effectiveness, as useful as any gadget in Batman's utility belt.
During the second inning of Sunday afternoon's Mets-Marlins Grapefruit League game, with a Matt Reynolds liner headed his way, second-base umpire Chris Conroy demonstrated the duck in its most basic form -- pure do-anything-you-can-to-get-out-of-the-way instinct:

See how Conroy fell as if his legs were yanked out right from under him, commiting his whole body to the process? It was as good a duck as you'll ever see -- a perfect move to avoid the incoming baseball, and it was as simple as, you know, just going like this.

The Mets ended up scoring on the play, as a slightly errant throw to first from Dee Gordon let Ruben Tejada trot home. We can't say for sure, but it was probably because Gordon was so impressed with Conroy's move -- as we all were.