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Umpire Ryan Blakney jumped his cue and called an emphatic strike three ... on strike two

A called strike three is the umpire's time to shine, so you can understand if they get a little jumpy when they've got a chance to let loose. Such was the fate that befell home-plate ump Ryan Blakney in the top of the fifth of the Astros-Mariners game on Sunday. On a 2-1 pitch to Luis Valbuena, Blakney reared up and went all Frank Drebin on his call for strike two. 

I can only imagine this is how the conversation played out: 
Valbuena: Whoa! It's two strikes, right? Just two strikes?!
Blakney: ... two strikes?
V: Yeah, I think it's just two strikes.
Blakney: Right ... yes, of couuuurse, that's right. This is just my two-strike call. Why are you making a big deal of it? 
Fortunately for Valbuena, the two got back on track and the Astros thrid baseman would go on to draw a walk in the plate appearance.