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Adam Jones did his best to steal Jonathan Holder's first big league strikeout ball

Making the Major Leagues is a culmination of dozens of years of hard work, so it makes sense that players pay a lot of attention to firsts. They'll even make sure rookies get souvenir baseballs from big moments, even if they accidentally cost their team along the way.
Well, maybe not if they're Adam Jones. After striking out against Yankees callup Jonathan Holder, who was making his big league debut in the Yankees' 8-0 loss to the Orioles on Friday night, Jones tried his best to steal the ball from another rookie -- catcher Gary Sánchez.  
Fortunately for Holder, Jones quickly gave up. 

Was Holder worried about losing the ball? Turns out, not really. He told's Bryan Hoch after the game, "I'm not really paying attention to that. I'm just trying to focus on the next pitch."
Of course, even if Jones had stolen the ball, Holder should have plenty of chances to rack up big league strikeouts. The reliever struck out a whopping 101 batters in only 65 1/3 innings at three levels of the Minors this season, including 11 in a row this past week.