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Watch Anthony Rizzo tear up while he introduces David Ross at the Cubs' World Series rally

Amid the jubilation of the Cubs' World Series parade on Friday, one thing became clear: David Ross means a lot to this team. He's their grandpa, after all, who hits clutch home runs and doles out wisdom when it's needed most. But the 2016 season was Ross' last, which means the parade was also an opportunity for the Cubs to say goodbye.
If you need to know just how much Ross means to the Cubs, look no further than Anthony Rizzo's speech introducing Ross on stage. Rizzo started talking about his efforts to bring Ross to the team before the 2015 season, and that's when things got a little misty:

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Every story must come to an end.

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So yeah, the Cubs are going to miss their grandpa.
And then, as grandpas are wont to do, Ross made them all take one last family photo: