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Xander Bogaerts appeared from nowhere to snag Steven Wright's unexpected pickoff attempt

Pulling off the perfect pickoff throw is hard. Just ask Jon Lester. But it's not just the Cubs pitcher who has a little trouble sometimes -- in the fifth inning of the Red Sox's Friday night 8-1 victory over the Twins, Steven Wright made a pickoff throw to second, and no one saw it coming.
Now, that might sound good, because you want the runner to be caught off guard when you're trying to pick him off, so let us rephrase: No one on his own team saw it coming. Luckily, Xander Bogaerts seems to have a psychic connection with the knuckleballer, and saved him from tossing the ball into the outfield:

It shouldn't really be surprising that Bogaerts can see the future. In fact, he's not even the only Red Sox with ESP:

He probably could have told us before the game that he was going to go 4-for-5, including a three-run homer, but he didn't want to spoil our fun. Let's just ask him if the Cavs will make a shocking comeback or who's going to die next on Game of Thrones, instead.