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Xander Bogaerts' throw sent Hanley Ramirez dancing backwards into the dugout

Exactly how strong is Xander Bogaerts? He's strong enough to play professional baseball, sure, and to hit the occasional baseball over the Green Monster. So, we know he's pretty strong.
But during Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox game, after Alex Rodriguez grounded to short, Bogaerts made what certainly looked like a routine throw to first -- only it knocked Hanley Ramirez off the base and sent him dancing into the dugout. And that was off the bounce:

Did Bogaerts throw that ball with the strength of 1,000 men? Was it travelling 200 mph? Is he Hercules, withholding his power so as to not frighten us mere mortals -- was this a momentary lapse when we witnessed the true extent of his strength?
I mean, he sent a man tap-dancing with just a simple throw: 

There are only so many plausible explanations.