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Watch Brian Cashman try to recruit Shohei Ohtani to the Yankees from atop a building

Each December, since 2010, Brian Cashman has visited the top of the Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn., to help light the city's Christmas tree. (Sometimes he even does it in a Santa hat.)

This year, though, things are a bit busier than usual. Shohei Ohtani has officially been posted, after all, and every GM is scrambling to make sure his team is in the best position to land him. So, while Cashman took part in the festivities in Stamford on Friday, he understandably decided to bring his work with him -- because who says you can't recruit a player while rappelling from a building?

"New York's been waiting for this," Cashman said when asked by a local FOX affiliate if he had a message for Ohtani. "This is a great stage for all the great players in the world to play on. I hope you're listening, we're saying it loud -- from the top of buildings -- that we're interested."

Your move, Trevor Williams