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'David Ortiz' returned to SNL to reveal his Super Bowl plans

(Clair, Michael)

David Ortiz's years in Boston turned him into a pretty huge Patriots fan, going to the point where he'll even bring along other friends to catch games (including a Steelers-supporting José Bautista):

On the eve of the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl, SNL obviously had to bring back Kenan Thompson's Big Papi impression. After revealing that he usually makes a "big lunch" for the day -- including his own John Maddon-like creation of a mofongo stuffed inside a chicken stuffed inside a penguin -- Ortiz also revealed that he now spends his time doing product plugs. No, not selling things, but by mentioning things that have plugs, like a lamp. 
Watch the full clip below: 

After seeing the sketch, Ortiz responded to make clear his rooting interest: