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Doc Emrick won't call another baseball game because his first was 'so perfect'

Back in July, a few months after calling a Pirates Spring Training game, Hockey Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike "Doc" Emrick called his very first regular-season baseball game. He joined Bob Costas in the MLB Network booth for his Pirates' 8-4 win over the Cubs on July 8. It'd been something of a bucket-list item for Emrick, and by all accounts it was a success -- you can listen for yourself in the clip above.
So, will he call another game in 2017, or sometime in the future?
Absolutely not.
Emrick went on's FaceOff on Wednesday afternoon to explain why:

"This was so perfect … to have it go as well as it did," Emrick said. "It was such a perfect memory for me that I won't do it again."
Listen to the full clip to hear Emrick retell the story of calling the game, including why he thought he almost cost the Pirates the win.