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'I feel so happy': Rougned Odor discusses the equine incentives in his new contract

In March, we learned that Rangers star Rougned Odor signed a new contract that would keep him with the club for at least six additional years. While that was the most exciting part for Rangers fans, it was a different line item in the deal that brought widespread attention:
As part of the extension, the Rangers would buy Odor two horses. Yep, horses.
Odor has long loved horseback riding, and he has a few horses that live at his family's ranch back in Venezeula. But it's not every day that you hear about a team buying one for a player as a bonus -- let alone two.'s Emily Jones caught up with Odor to ask him about those horses, as well as his love of the ranch life, in a segment called "Horsin' Around with Rougned Odor." Jones also uncovered a folksy nickname given to Odor by fellow Ranger Josh Hamilton -- but you'll have to watch the video up top to find out what it is.