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Joe Mikulik, the world's foremost ejection artist, gives virtuoso performance at MiLB game

You may have heard of Frisco RoughRiders manager Joe Mikulik. Maybe you can't immediately put a face to the name, but you can definitely fit a shoe to a foot. You know, like one of the shoes that Mikulik kicked onto the field while getting ejected last season:

Yes, Mikulik is an artist of on-field tantrums, and during Tuesday's 3-0 loss the Tulsa Drillers, he showed the world his masterpiece.

After a call on the field was overturned, resulting in a double play against the Rough Riders, Mikulik had something to say to the umpires. Starting the conversation by throwing his helmet probably wasn't the best way to get them to listen, but it was the best way to kick off an epic tantrum. So, so much kicking:

Of course, he wouldn't have had to kick the base if the umps had been more receptive to his "how to slide into second" demonstration: 

What didn't Mikulik kick? Just watch the video above to see him punt his helmet and the rosin bag, as well as scuff up the foul lines for good measure.