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Watch Joey Gallo prove his power mettle with a home run to the parking lot

While we thought that all life in the universe was carbon-based, today we learned that simply isn't true. For a close study of Joey Gallo reveals that he's simply a collection of Dingerocules -- subatomic particles that consist of pure Homerunitis. How else can you explain a man who has averaged 54 home runs per 162 games in the Minors? 
Or who can do this to a baseball. That's right, on Sunday, Gallo blasted a home run that that landed in the parking lot. 

As the Rangers' prospect told's T.R. Sullivan: 
"I think it was a slurve. [Matt Shoemaker] doubled up on it. The first pitch, I swung through it, but I was able to stay back a little longer and get just enough of it to keep it stay fair."
But while Gallo is the star of this clip, special attention should be given to the catcher Geovany Soto, who is practically begging for Matt Shoemaker to keep the ball down. "Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease keep it down," Soto seems to be saying, desperately flapping his glove at the space below Gallo's knees. "If this ball isn't down, then the apocalypse is nigh." 
This is where Soto wanted the ball:

And this is where the ball ended up: 

You simply can't leave a ball near the plate when you're going up against an alien made of pure homer-hitting particles.