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Josh Reddick hit an accidental hole in one when this ball got stuck under the Coliseum wall

Normally when someone says they found a great little hole in the wall, they're a human being talking about a cheap dumpling place that none of their friends have discovered yet. But during Oakland's 4-2 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday night, the hole-in-the-wall finder was a baseball off Josh Reddick's bat, and there were no dumplings involved.
In the bottom of the fifth inning, Reddick lined a slider into right field, where it headed straight for a perfectly baseball-sized gap: 

At the time, the game was tied at 2. Since there was a runner on first, if the ball had continued its journey without finding the hole, Reddick might have gotten the go-ahead run across the plate. As it was, he had to settle for a ground-rule double.
Reddick later expressed some of his feelings about that on Twitter: