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Justin Turner is very glad there's another redhead joining the Dodgers' infield

When the Dodgers acquired Logan Forsythe from the Rays in exchange for Jose De Leon earlier this week, they didn't just get a second baseman who mashed 20 home runs with a 113 OPS+ last season. More importantly, as Justin Turner explained at FanFest on Saturday, the Dodgers got another red-headed infielder.
"We're all happy about that, we couldn't be more pumped," Turner said about the trade that brought Forsythe to Los Angeles. "I'm just happy to have another ginger on the team."
Turner's right -- Forsythe does have the kind of auburn beard that will glow nicely in the LA sun:

Of course, Forsythe has a long way to go before he reaches Turner-levels of red-headedness.

"This is hard work," Turner said.