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Justin Turner made sure Josh Reddick had all the sunflower seeds he needed during an interview

It's exhausting work being a professional baseball player. You're at the stadium day-in and day-out. Off days are few and far between, and on days when you do get to take a break, you may be called upon to talk to a reporter for an in-game interview.
This is the situation Josh Reddick found himself in during the Dodgers' 9-4 win over the Padres on Thursday night. Fortunately for him, he has people in his life who know how tiring it is to be a professional ball player: his teammates.
Justin Turner had Reddick's back during the interview and made sure his compatriot received the sustenance necessary to help him stay on top of his game.

Just look at that beautiful display of camaraderie. Poor Reddick's energy was probably running low in the final days of the regular season, but Turner was on the ball and tossed him a pick-me-up snack. I have no doubt Reddick thoroughly enjoyed those sunflower seeds and thanked Turner for his thoughtfulness.