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Listening to Korean TV announcers call Hyun Soo Kim's home run will give you life

Though the Orioles and Blue Jays are locked in a tight Wild Card race, Hyun Soo Kim couldn't have been more relaxed about his ninth-inning, two-run homer in Wednesday's game against Toronto. Sure, it gave Baltimore the 3-2 win in a particularly dramatic fashion, but why get worked up about it? 
"When I was up at bat, I expected Michael Bourn to steal second," Kim told's Brittany Ghiroli through his interpreter. "I tried to hit the ball after that. After he stole the base, I tried to hit as accurately as possible so I could bring in Bourn. It just happened to be a homer."
But if you're feeling a little less chill than Kim, go ahead and watch the Korean broadcast's call of the play:

Yup, that's what it feels like when you preserve your team's postseason's hopes and dreams. The only thing missing is Kim's KBO anthem