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Let the 2017 Futures Gamers welcome you to Miami like only Horatio Caine really can

If you've ever spent any time on Twitter reading tweets about baseball, you know it's a community of people that will never pass up the opportunity to make a good pun -- especially using players' and teams' names. Recently, it has been pretty easy for us fans to do our thing, considering two of the game's biggest breakout stars over the last couple years have been absolute softballs for pun enthusiasts.
But let's be real: Not every player can be named Story or Judge. Sometimes we have to work a little harder, dig a little deeper and cringe an extra few seconds to make a player name pun possible. 
Having arrived in Miami for All-Star week a bit early in anticipation of the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, we decided to seek out the next great baseball player pun before it even arrives in the big leagues. And what better way to carry out this search than pay tribute to Miami's most iconic sunglasses aficionado: Horatio Caine. 

Check out the video above for the best one-liners from players taking part in the 2017 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game.