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After hitting a single through the infield, Manny Ramirez danced like it was his first time

(Clair, Michael)

Facing the SoftBank Hawks' san-gun team (similar to their Double-A team) on Saturday in the SoftBank Cup, Manny Ramirez recorded a base hit. It's something he did over 2,500 times in the Major Leagues -- not to mention the hundreds of others he picked up in the Minors, Spring Training and Little League. And yet, at the age of 44 and playing for the Kochi Fighting Dogs, a Japanese independent league team, he still gets plenty excited. 
After lacing a ground ball single just past the diving third baseman, Ramirez -- whose No. 99 jersey just reads "Manny" on the back -- knew he had no choice but to dance. Even after all these years, Manny being Manny remains the same. 
Check it out in the video below:

(h/t r/baseball