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Pirates unveil baseball's freshest look with 1979 throwback uniforms

Willie Stargell.
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Dave Parker.
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The living embodiment of human chill, Kent Tekulve. 
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What made these luminaries cool? Was it their performance? Maybe. Their personality? Perhaps. Their uniforms? Absolutely. 
The Pirates are honoring arguably the greatest look in Major League history this season as they're bringing back the gold pullover jersey, black pants with two gold stripes running down the outside of each leg and a pillbox cap, with three gold stripes and a gold Pirates "P." It's the style that the team wore from 1977-84, including the 1979 World Series champion Bucs. 
"The 1979 uniforms have always been widely popular with our fans and we believe this is the right complement to our existing uniform collection," Pirates president Frank Coonelly said in a statement. "Every season we strive for ways to pay tribute to the great teams of our past. This is a unique opportunity for the organization to recognize the 1979 World Series champions."
The team will be wearing the gorgeous throwbacks on Sunday home games in 2016, making that the best time travel story this side of "Back to the Future." 
If you were wondering how the jerseys would hold up in today's modern era, wonder no more. Andrew McCutchen makes this look work both on the field and doing day-to-day errands. Personally, I can't wait to go grocery shopping and attend a few fancy soirees in this outfit.