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Watch this Red Sox prospect's crazy, dance-like pre-pitching motion

(Clair, Michael)

Admit it: Sometimes while daydreaming about becoming a Major League pitcher, you'll think of a particularly weird delivery that may help make your 65-mph fastball (on a good day) play up. Suffice to say, I don't think any one has thought up what the Red Sox's No. 6 prospect Roniel Raudes does. 
ESPN baseball writer Keith Law captured his bizarre squatting, around-the-head type motion that, if set to music, might set off the next great "Gangnam Style" dance craze

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Ronnie Raudes: delivery or dance move?

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Whether this helps distract batters or is simply his way of ensuring virality, it's working. The 19-year-old hurler reached Class A last year and posted a 3.65 ERA across 24 starts. That'll play, no matter what you do on the mound. 
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