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Watch rookie Jeff Bagwell crush this homer into the upper deck at Three Rivers Stadium

Jeff Bagwell was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday night, mostly thanks to his inimitable '90s style, but also because he was a Hall-worthy player on the field, with his 449 home runs and Gold-Glove defense at first base.

Bagwell's play was pretty much that caliber right from the get-go, too. On May 5, 1991, less than a month into his Major League career, Bagwell entered a game against the Pirates as a pinch-hitter and absolutely blasted a home run into the upper deck at Three Rivers Stadium:


Those people pointing in the stands? Pretty sure they're pointing in the direction of Cooperstown.

It was, at the time, allegedly one of the longest home runs hit in Three Rivers Stadium history, and it was just homer No. 3 for Bagwell. No wonder he went on to win National League Rookie of the Year that season, NL MVP three years later and, now, enters the Hall of Fame.