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Gaze in wonder at Rays prospect Taylor Motter's hair as he hits a home run

(Brian Blanco)

When shortstop Taylor Motter strides to the plate, three thoughts likely go through the pitcher's mind: 
1. OK, should I start with fastball inside? 
2. Or maybe this guy will be more susceptible to a curve, low and away? 
3. Wow. Look at that hair. I wonder which conditioner he uses? 
That's right, the Rays' No. 22 prospect is in the team's camp after a breakout season in which he hit .292/.366/.471 with 14 home runs in Triple-A. Where did the breakout come from, though? Practice? A reworked swing? The Samson-like power of his gorgeous, flowing locks? 
Just watch how they flow in the breeze. Is this a baseball game or a commercial for margarine

Given that he would homer in the fifth inning, we're guessing it's the hair. 

Even better, thanks to Snapchat Day, you're able to get up close and personal with that mane.

We now ask you, humble Internet reader, what's the best way to describe Motter's locks?