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Trevor Story is trying to improve his defense, and this rolling, backwards throw is a good start

Earlier this offseason, Rockies second-year shortstop Trevor Story revealed plans to improve his defense. "I don't really just want to be good," he said in February. "I want to be one of the great shortstops."
That is quite a lofty goal. After all, there have been some really, really good players to helm the shortstop position in MLB history. But plays like this one from the first inning of the Rockies' 10-5 win over the Padres on Thursday are a very solid start:

Story made that stop-drop-and-rolling toss to second base to initiate an inning-ending double play. Tyler Anderson, the pitcher on the mound for the Rockies, was quite impressed by the defense backing him up. 
"[Story] made a great play even getting to it, and then he stopped it and had the wherewithal to know where the ball is, get a flip off and DJ made a good throw," Anderson told's Jesse Sanchez. "That's a fun infield we have. He's got a good sense of awareness and a good field awareness and that goes a long way."
Maybe the long way to becoming a truly great shortstop, even.