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Vin Scully takes a moment to reflect on a game he watched more than 50 years ago

In a scene all too familiar, Vin Scully took a break from calling the Dodgers' 2-0 loss to the Giants on Tuesday night in order to regale his audience with a brief story about another Dodgers-Giants game that occurred 57 years ago to the day. Who better to tell the story of that game than a man who was there that day? Here are Scully's words, which you can hear right from him in the video up top:
"September 20, 1959. Giants and Dodgers playing at Seal Stadium in San Francisco. Big series. Johnny Podres beat 'em 8 to 2 to sweep the three-game series. Maury Wills was 7-for-13 in that three-game series and, as you know, the Dodgers went on to win the pennant and beat the Chicago White Sox in the Coliseum."
That 1959 World Series victory over the White Sox was the second championship in the Dodgers' history and Scully was there to see it all happen, just as he's been there for every single Dodgers' championship since their very first one in 1955.