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Watch Josh Donaldson transformed into a Viking before your very eyes

(Clair, Michael)

When the new season of History Channel's "Vikings" returns to TV on Wednesday, you may see a familiar face. As you've probably heard by now, the Blue Jays' man-bun'd slugger Josh Donaldson decided to pull a Shaquille O'Neal in "Kazaam" and is making his acting debut in the drama. 
Now you can watch Donaldson make that transformation, which takes him from baseball hero to bronzed and dirt-caked Viking hero. 

Of course, my favorite part is not the sweet skull tattoo that Donaldson gets, but rather his jobe, or rersey (what would you call a robe jersey?) 
It also gives me a great idea for a new promotion. Rather than having teams put on themed jerseys, put them in full makeup and gear as Vikings, zombies, presidential candidates, spacemen and your Dad after a long day at work. The possibilities are endless.