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The Mariners know that everyone would watch a late-night show hosted by Robinson Cano

The late-night television landscape has been more or less the same for years. The Mariners, however, have figured out a way to disrupt the industry: Give Robinson Cano a show, and make him the host … and guest … and musical act. Seriously, just let Cano do everything.
On Wednesday, the team debuted "The Cano Show":

I mean, he does have the resume, and he can even do impressions
Alas, "The Cano Show" will not air after your late local news, but as one of the Mariners' commercials for the upcoming season (watch the full thing in the clip above), which means you'll have to tune into Mariners games if you want your nightly dose of the second baseman.
While you're watching, you can check out some of the Mariners' inventive replacements for the bat flip:

It's only a matter of time before players across the league begin doing the Seager Swashbuckle:

You can watch more of the Mariners' commercials here