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A baseball wedged itself in Yadier Molina's chest protector, seemingly defying the laws of physics

Yadier Molina is among the greatest defensive catchers in Major League history. Thursday may have revealed the source of his powers: He is a human magnet. Otherwise, I don't know how you would account for what happened when a baseball got stuck to Molina's catching gear in the seventh inning of the Cubs-Cardinals game

This also explained why Adam Wainwright needed to throw his pitch 20-30 yards away from Molina when they got their signals crossed earlier in the series: Any closer and it would have been drawn directly to the Cardinals catcher. 
Turns out, neither Molina nor manager Mike Matheny could explain the sticky ball. "I don't know what happened. I have no idea," Matheny told's Jenifer Langosch. "I've never seen it." Molina soon repeated that, before adding that had the ball not stuck to his chest protector, he would have easily thrown out Matt Szczur as the pinch-hitter ran down to first.