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It's time to watch the YES broadcast team do yoga together

MLB players have Spring Training to get in shape for the regular season. The YES broadcast team has yoga. OK, this isn't a regular part of their routine, but they all got together in March for a yoga-themed ad and invented some of their own poses:

Does that look familiar? Well, it should, especially to catcher-turned-broadcaster John Flaherty:

What's next? This pose might look familiar too:

They just call that "the Cone." Wonder why?

Oh, yeah.
You can thank on-air production assistant Brielle Saracini for the idea for the promo. "Basically, this shoot is inspired by true events of me being terrible at yoga," she told us. "What is the exact opposite of the beautiful, dreamy, traditional promotion? Trying to get all of our talent in one room trying to do these ridiculous yoga poses." 
Of course, you're probably wondering which YES broadcaster turned out to be the best at said poses. According to Michael Kay, no one. "I think we're all pretty bad," he said. "Paul [O'Neill] might be the most athletic, but it looks like he's having trouble stretching, too."
But this isn't the only non-baseball related scene you'll see from the YES team this year. According to Bob Lorenz, there will be a mockumentary-style spot as well. "It's sort of along the lines of this promo shoot. It's nothing serious - we're having fun. We think it's funny, but I hope everyone else does, too."
"The thing that's great about this is that everybody really likes each other," said Kay.  
No word on what everyone thinks about Kay's neon sweatshirt, though:

"You can't pick a better group of people to work with," said analyst Ken Singleton. "It's a fun atmosphere. Baseball's supposed to be fun. You're supposed to help people relax and enjoy a ballgame."