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Which remaining 2017 postseason team has the best fan-made theme song?

Beginning with Game 1 of the ALCS presented by Camping World on Friday night at 8 p.m. ET on FS1, the four remaining postseason teams will compete to determine who is the best baseball team on earth.

For fans, the postseason can be an emotional time -- locked with a rival in a lengthy series, always worrying about which pitcher is available and which hitter does best in cold weather. For some fans, there is only one way to express that emotion:


Below, we've compiled four fan-made anthems celebrating the greatness of each of the remaining postseason teams. Some date back to the 1990s, while others were written only in the last week or two. But all of them showcase the passion of the fans, and that's what counts in October.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the poll at the bottom.

Yankees: "(We're Back) Put on the Stripes" by NYC Fans

Take this with an enormous grain of salt, but according to the description included in this video, "Put on the Stripes" was originally meant to be recorded by the Yankees themselves during Spring Training in 1997 -- immediately following the franchise's first World Series win since 1978.

The timeframe checks out, at least, considering this is probably the most '90s song and video ever constructed. But don't let that fool you, because it's also awesome.

Lyrical Highlights:

"When I put on the stripes, I got to give thanks / to the die hard fans, coming out for the Yanks."

"Oh yeah, give it up for the Yankees. (We're back!) / Oh yeah, put on the stripes!"


Astros: "Turn it Up (Astros Remix)" by Chamillionaire

Yes, that's right, Chamillionaire wrote a fan anthem for the Astros. Back in 2005, Houston was in the World Series against the White Sox, and the local hip-hop scene decided that its support needed to be heard across the country. And so, Chamillionaire put out an Astros-themed remix to "Turn it Up." 

He even gave interviews about it:

"I just wanted to give some encouragement to the team ... Because I know that in my world of hip-hop a lot of people pay attention to baseball. I just wanted to be a part of this history."

Even further, he intentionally designed the song to be eternal, saying, "Music's designed to be timeless ... You never know, that record could get played again down the line. I didn't want it to only be relevant for that time."

Lyrical Highlights:

"Knock it way into the sky, watch how high up that it fly. / Houston Astros is the truth and you're a lie."

"Houston got a problem and you don't want nothing to do with it."


Dodgers: "Turn Up (Dodgers Anthem)" by Mario Ruiz and Concrete

If it's high production values you're after, Mario Ruiz and Concrete have you covered. Everything about "Turn Up," from the elaborate beat to the high-definition music video screams Los Angeles luxury. Each shot is dramatic, and unlike Chamillionaire, they make sure to call out pretty much everyone on the roster.

Darvish, Bellinger, Puig, Kershaw -- they're all included. There's even a Vin Scully shoutout.

And, to top it all off, this one is hot off the presses: a 2017 anthem custom made for this year's team.

Lyrical Highlights:

"Kershaw comin' at you. / Curveball gonna leave you like a statue."

"Dodger blue fitted got me feelin' like money / Another home run from my man Yasmani / 'Bout to win it all for the man, Vin Scully."


Cubs: "Someday" by Katie Day

Do you remember what it felt like last year? It's been a while, yes, but try to take your mind back to that night on Nov. 2, when the Cubs finally won it all and Kris Bryant smiled his way to a World Series championship. 

Do you remember the stories of all the senior Cubs fans who'd waited their entire lives to celebrate? Do you remember all the times it seemed like it just wasn't going to happen? Do you remember what Chicago looked like in the hours and days after the win?

If you're having trouble remembering what that night felt like, listen to the above song. It'll bring it all back.

Lyrical Highlights:

"The skies once were gray, but they're bright blue today -- now that our someday is finally here."

"Can you believe it -- how we lived to see the day? What is this feeling? A hundred years of keeping faith have been rewarded."

Get ready for the Championship Series! Game 1 of the ALCS presented by Camping World begins at 8 p.m. ET on FS1.