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Vin Scully called the final innings of Rockies-Dodgers and Giants-Padres simultaneously

The final seven games of Vin Scully's amazing 67-year career at the microphone for the Dodgers began on Thursday night in L.A.'s 7-4 win over the Rockies. A few miles south, the Giants opened a four-game set with the Padres. 
As everybody knows, these are heady times for the postseason picture. The Dodgers entered Thursday with a magic number of 5 looking for an NL West title. The Giants began play in a battle with the Mets and Cardinals atop the NL Wild Card standings, as this final week-plus of the regular season looks to be rather exciting/stressful for all involved.
Well, Vin is obviously well aware of the circumstances around the league, so much so that he saw fit to narrate two concurrent ninth innings at the same time on Thursday. With Kenley Jansen on the mound for the Dodgers and Sergio Romo on the hill at Petco Park attempting to nail down a save (he'd get it, as the Giants won, 2-1), Scully weaved back and forth between the two games like an absolute legend (not surprising, considering that's what he is). It looked and sounded like this:

Remarkably, both games seemed to end within about 30 seconds of each other, allowing Scully's ambitious dual-call to really pan out perfectly. When both games were over, the Giants remained tied with New York (after the Mets' wild, bat-flipping 11-inning win over the Phillies) in the Wild Card picture and the Dodgers' magic number was reduced to four. 
After calling baseball games for longer than anyone could have ever imagined, it's pretty easy to see why Vin would want to get his money's worth like this.

It also raises the bar for everybody else, once he's gone, but that's not a surprise either.