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Put down the hot dog and let Vin Scully educate you on the history of July 4th

If you were homeschooled and your only teacher was Vin Scully, you'd probably do pretty well. You would know World War II history, have an understanding of cultural superstitions and even have picked up plenty of tips for your creative writing
During the Dodgers' 7-5 victory over the Orioles on Monday, July 4, Scully took some time out of the broadcast to drop some Independence Day knowledge. So set down your (fifth) hot dog and your (seventh) hamburger and watch the above video in which Scully tells you about when Congress made the day a holiday (1870) and how only two people had actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4. 
And if you ever wanted to know how the National Anthem came to be, well, the voice of the Dodgers was game for that, too. 

Thank you, Vin, for being the greatest firework of all.