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Let Vin Scully teach you all there is to know about pirates and pirate flags

Vin Scully knows that when Sunday night comes, you always tell yourself, "I should get to bed early and start my workweek off right." To help you actually get in bed instead of staying up all night watching "Stranger Things" for the second time, the one-man liberal arts education that is Vin gave some fantastic piratical history while the Pirates took on the Dodgers on Sunday.

So pull up the computer by your bed, press play and let your head hit the pillow as Scully reveals, among other things: 

- The meaning behind the various different kinds of pirate flags. Red ones meant that they would not be taking any prisoners. 

- The etymology of the term "Jolly Roger." Turns out, it likely comes from the french phrase "Jolie Rouge," meaning "pretty red," for that flag. 

- Ship captains would change their clothes if the ship was boarded to prevent capture.

- All that and more! Because Scully is essentially the "Now That's What I Call Music" compilation for every piece of recorded knowledge in human history. 

Not ready for bed yet? Don't worry, Vin will sing you a lullaby.