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Albert Pujols reminds Vin Scully of all the prank phone calls he used to make as a kid in the 1930s

The 2016 MLB season is so close we can taste it, and that means that it's time for another year of brilliant tales from the life of legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully.
Scully, who turned 88 in November, has been calling Dodger games for 67 years, which means he's had plenty of opportunities to tell a story or 200 about his childhood or hanging out with Frank Sinatra or whatever it is that adds to the moment he's experiencing in the booth.
Friday's Freeway Series exhibition game between the Dodgers and Angels was no exception, as Scully used Albert Pujols' sixth-inning at-bat to recall his days as a prank phone call artist back in the late 1930s:
"Every time I say 'Albert,' I think of when I and many others were kids, many years ago. And I'm not talking about Fat Albert, whom a lot of people certainly remember. It was a dumb thing to do, but kids do dumb things -- although it was harmless."

"We would call a tobacco store and say, 'Do you have Albert in a can?' You know, there was Prince Albert. Kids would say, 'Do you have Albert in a can?' And then the guy'd say, 'Yes, I do." And then you'd say, 'Would you please let him out?' And we'd hang up, and we'd lost a nickel and we just thought it was hysterical. For some reason, when I say 'Albert,' I'm not thinking about the great Pujols. I'm thinking about being 11 years old."
In case you were wondering, there's no amount of money we wouldn't pay for a Vin Scully "Crank Yankers" puppet and subsequent video.