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Aly Raisman kindly let David Ortiz hold all of her medals while she threw a first pitch

Aly Raisman was a member, nay, the CAPTAIN, of both the 2012 and 2016 US women's Olympic gymnastics teams. She won three medals in Rio this month, including one gold. Taking a page out of Katie Ledecky's book, Raisman let David Ortiz hold her medals before she threw the first pitch before Friday's Royals-Red Sox game.
Now, if there's anyone in the world that knows how to rock some sweet chains around your neck, it's got to be Big Papi. But Raisman's impressive medal haul was too much, even for him:

Heavy is the head that wears the evidence of a bunch of amazing athletic accomplishments. That's how it goes in the original Shakespeare, right? 
Raisman also shared some of her thoughts about Rio and getting a congratulatory phone call from Ortiz, later in the game: