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Pedroia plays Twister at plate for go-ahead run

Do you remember playing Twister as a kid? Maybe, if you were really good, you thought that one day being able to put your left hand on red without touching anyone else would somehow help you in your adult life. Well, you were wrong …
… Unless you were Dustin Pedroia. In that case, you were totally right. During Boston's 3-2, extra-innings defeat of Tampa Bay on Sunday, Pedey scored what turned out to be the winning run thanks, presumably, to his competitive Twister background:

Pedroia took off after David Ortiz doubled into the right-center gap, and managed to fling himself every which way while avoiding the tag at home.
"They made a great relay," said Pedroia. "It was just one of those things where the ball got there before me, so I didn't really have anywhere to go. I just tried to go around him and touch the plate. He was using that knuckleball glove, so it was probably a little flimsy, so it happens." 
It turns out Pedroia was right about the knuckleball glove. Rays catcher Luke Maile found the entire experience strange.
"I don't really know the timing of when the ball left the mitt or anything like that. I remember touching him," he said. "You just have to hang onto the ball, man. It was a weird play. Especially with the knuckleball glove. I never really felt it come out. I kind of felt it in the pocket as I was going to reach for him. Don't really know when it came out. It's just a play you have to make."
Pedey was confirmed safe on replay, and baseball players around the league saw this play and regretted all the times they turned down board games with Orbit.
"That was crazy, right? That was crazy. It seemed like he was dancing at the plate or something," said David Ortiz.